The history and future of Dorico for iPad

Scoring Notes
The history and future of Dorico for iPad

Daniel Spreadbury returns to the podcast to go behind the scenes into the making of Dorico for iPad. Daniel is the product’s marketing manager at Steinberg, and he takes Philip Rothman and David MacDonald through the process of developing this new version of Dorico. We go through everything from the technical details all the way up to the user experience, and Daniel recalls the crucial decisions and pivotal moments that culminated in Dorico’s release for iPad.

We get Daniel’s take on what’s currently available for iPad-based music apps, and explore how Dorico both compares to and works alongside those products. He shares his “a-ha” moment when he knew that Dorico for iPad would be a success, and he also explains the rationale for the subscription-based pricing that unlocks its full set of features. And speaking of features, Daniel reveals a forthcoming update to the app that will make Dorico for iPad a lot more valuable for many people.

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  1. Peter Roos

    Very interesting. I didn’t realize that the operating system for the iPad isn’t the same as the OS for mac. And now I’m even more tempted to buy an iPad pro.

  2. Harry Derrett

    Another excellent podcast. Very exciting news about paid subscription versions of Wee Dorico (well I’m going to call it Wee Dorico if the desktop version is Big Dorico) having unlimited players. Another example of Dorico being customer focused.

    Looking forward to what Daniel and his team does next.

    1. Philip Rothman

      Thanks for listening!

  3. Keith Walls

    Another excellent podcast! I’ve been following what would become “Dorico” since 2013, it’s amazing what they’ve been able to accomplish. The update allowing unlimited parts is great news! Kudos to Daniel and the entire Dorico Team!

    1. Philip Rothman

      Thanks for listening to the podcast and following all of the exciting news in the field!

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