StaffPad updates go beyond just keeping the lights on

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StaffPad updates go beyond just keeping the lights on

David MacDonald and Philip Rothman talk with David William Hearn, the co-founder and lead designer of StaffPad, about everything from product updates to what it was like making a live demo for Apple in 40 minutes, along with the implications of AI, industry changes, the Muse Group acquisition, and much more.

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  1. Cam Millar

    Great interview with David Hearn of StaffPad! I’ve joined the ‘StaffPad’ fan-club, and just wrote a 15 Suite for four instruments using StaffPad on my 2018 iPad Pro. I tried StaffPad during the pandemic, and bought a used SurfacePro 5 to see what all the fuss was about. Spent a couple of months with it, but wasn’t fully satisfied. But, then I got an iPad Pro and discovered that StaffPad could be very user friendly for a Mac diehard.

    Once you get used to the handwriting recognition and the various time-savers and input tricks, I’m amazed at how much of a ‘pencil and paper’ experience it can become. Pretty amazing technology!! Just wow.

    And, I transferred the StaffPad score to Sibelius through MXML without any problems at all in order to get thing ready to printing for parts, and to do some other editing that needed to be cleaned up and changed. (still can’t beat Sibelius with your Scoringnotes templates and house settings! Couldn’t live without them!)

    And, it seems that it’s going to very hard to live without StaffPad from now on. Having the portability is fantastic.

    There are a couple of things that would make life easier on StaffPad for longer scores, such as having a seperate dedicated Markers function in order to skip through a score instead of having to finger-swipe through a 15 minute score. Having something seperate from Rehearsal Markers that could be used to custom place wherever you wanted to place a Marker.

    But, I look forward to seeing futher developments. The new Muse sounds, and even the built-in stock sounds, are excellent for hearing back your music as you go along. On par with NotePerformer in most ways.

    Keep up the great work at Scoringnotes!

    Thanks, Cam Millar

  2. Cam Millar

    Have to add this….

    I loved being able to use the Sibelius iOS app to do some editing and composing on the iPad Pro as well in addition to using StaffPad. I could send a Sibelius file back and forth from the ‘mother Mac’ with Sibelius and add some slurs and other articulations while going out to a coffee shop.

    The little Sibelius iOS app is really very useful, and if I couldn’t use StaffPad for portable composing, I’d have no problem adjusting to the Sibelius iOS app. (the sounds aren’t as good for playback….a wish for NotePerformer iOS!)

    You can get pretty fast in Sibelius app, and don’t have to go back and correct handwriting that didn’t get recognized in StaffPad!

    Crazy stuff…now just need to compose some good music!

    1. Philip Rothman

      Great real-world comments, Cam. Thanks for this report!

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