StaffPad audio update, Graphical MIDI Tools, and software licensing

Scoring Notes
Scoring Notes
StaffPad audio update, Graphical MIDI Tools, and software licensing

2021 finished strong. Philip Rothman and David MacDonald pick up the news you need to hit the score running in 2022.

The StaffPad “audio update” brings new features like audio staves, tempo mapping, adaptive audio to keep your audio in sync with your score tempo, royalty-free production sounds and loops, and studio-quality effects, along with more improvements.

A major upgrade is out for Graphical MIDI Tools for Sibelius, which allows the user to manipulate MIDI information in the score in a graphical manner. It has been completely overhauled as an application that runs within Sibelius to provide a piano roll window.

We then cover what’s new in the Sibelius 2021.12 update for desktop and mobile, chiefly an easier was of entering percussion music.

If your eyes glaze over when reading about the technical but important topic of software licensing, we help by explaining the new systems that Avid and Steinberg rolled out. Their intent is to make it easier for a single user to activate and use Sibelius and Dorico on multiple computers, and we’ll share our thoughts.

Finally: a couple of time-sensitive deals on software that are worth checking out before they’re gone.

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