Score preparation and production checklist (encore)

Scoring Notes
Scoring Notes
Score preparation and production checklist (encore)

Philip Rothman and David MacDonald discuss the essential elements of score preparation and production that make a difference in not only the perception of your music, but how it gets rehearsed and, ultimately, performed. Everything from rehearsal marks, placing cues, laying out your music, and page layout can be expertly fine-tuned by music notation software — but only if you know what results you’re looking to achieve in the first place.

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  1. Peter Roos

    Happy New Year Philip. It would be useful to have a brief written summary of these recommendations (similar to the Jil Straeter recommendations I posted on music engraving tips). Just a handy reference guide / checklist if you are in the trenches and can’t listen to an hour long podcast.

  2. Jane Frasier

    Any chance of get a transcript of this? I am hearing impaired and podcasts are hard for me listen to. I understand if that isn’t a possibility.


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