Sample rate, bit depth, bit rate, and you(r ears)

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Sample rate, bit depth, bit rate, and you(r ears)

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Have you ever wanted to export audio from your favorite music notation software, seen the terms “sample rate”, “bit depth”, and “bit rate”, and wondered what each of them really mean? David MacDonald and Philip Rothman sort out each of those terms to help us understand why they’re important, how they came about in the first place, and, most importantly, how they affect the quality of the audio we listen to and produce.

We dive into this aspect of music production that many of us will encounter at some point while working with notation software, and we uncover where to find these options in the various programs. Whether you sample this entire discussion or prefer to go bit-by-bit, you’ll feel more confident the next time you need to create the best-sounding demo in the right format.

More: “Sample rate, bit depth, bit rate, and you(r ears)” video by David MacDonald


  1. David

    Hi! Is it possible to create a text version of these podcasts so we can read them? I am interested in the topics–but don’t have time for listening in real time.

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