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Scoring Notes
Scoring Notes
Print perfect

Printing music is something that takes skill and attention to detail — both by the music preparer and the printer. When everything’s communicated well, it leads to print shop nirvana and the ideal result for everyone involved.

Philip Rothman and David MacDonald talk through a specific project and illustrate the various steps along the way to set it up for success. No detail is too small, from the page size, to the number of copies, to the shipping methods desired. Philip relays his tips and best practices from the perspective of a professional music printing service.

Then, David gives advice for how to ensure good results if you need to take your project to a more general-service copy shop, or even if you are printing yourself, like some inventive ways to format the page size and convey the instructions to minimize the risk of errors that can be introduced and avoid miscommunication in what is one of the last, most critical steps in preparing a piece of music.

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  1. Steve Sanders

    Great post guys. pdf Music Binder arrived at just the right time for me! Would be great to have video on the podcasts though?
    Thanks a lot.

  2. Bryan Higgins

    Philip, how in the world did you fold, staple, and trim the edges of 50 parts or whatever it was in the one-hour job described in the podcast?

    1. Philip Rothman

      Hi Bryan! Here’s some of the equipment that makes it possible:

  3. John Hinchey

    Another wonderful episode. Regarding coil binding at your corner printing shop. I have indeed had them use 2 coils on tabloid score, long edge binding but it’s not ideal. My solution was to buy a box on long coils (24″ if I recall correctly). When I need to bind a tabloid score, I take a coil with me to my local FEDEX office and they are happy to use my coil for the project and cut it to the length needed. I bought then in 2 widths for the size scores I usually need. I keep some in a box in the trunk of my car, so I don’t forget them!

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