NAMM 2024: Wrap-up and interview with CEO John Mlynczak

Scoring Notes
Scoring Notes
NAMM 2024: Wrap-up and interview with CEO John Mlynczak

The 2024 NAMM Show was full of exciting news, products — and, most of all, the interesting people that create the news and products. Especially as it pertains to the Scoring Notes beat of music notation software and related technology, there was a lot to cover, and many miles were logged in service of bringing as much of the experience back to our audience.

David MacDonald and Philip Rothman review each of the major interviews that took place for Scoring Notes during the show with representatives from Avid, MakeMusic, and Muse Group. We also more generally analyze the experience, the information, and what it means for the year ahead in the field.

Concluding this episode is a special interview with John Mlynczak on his first show as president and CEO of NAMM in which we discuss his roots in the music notation field and its importance to the philosophy of the organization.

Stay tuned all this month to the Scoring Notes podcast feed, where each week we will bring special bonus coverage of interviews with Avid’s Sam Butler, MakeMusic’s Jason Wick, and Muse Group’s Jack Sutton, as they each talk about their respective products and companies, and discuss their strategies and approaches to their business.

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  1. Marilyn

    I have been a happy listener for several years. I’ve learned so much and am always amazed and delighted with the kind, smart, helpful, and interesting comments and questions. Bravo Philip and David. Thank you!

    1. Philip Rothman

      Thanks, Marilyn!

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