Justin Bianco, forScore, and more

Scoring Notes
Scoring Notes
Justin Bianco, forScore, and more

forScore, the sheet music reader, is the no. 1-ranked music app on the Apple Store with good reason. Justin Bianco, its creator and developer, relentlessly refines the vision that he had when the iPad was first introduced: to make a simple yet powerful music reader for Apple’s revolutionary platform.

Used in all music genres, in live performance, score study, and in countless other ways, forScore is one of the first apps that musicians download after getting an iPad, and is often the reason for purchasing the device in the first place. Philip Rothman and David MacDonald talk with Justin about the tech, his philosophy, his background — and why his mom is his target user.

We also learn what the future might hold for forScore in terms of new features, interoperability with other apps, and whether or not it will ever appear on other platforms.

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  1. Austin

    The developer has not been at his best lately. He has become too politicized, bringing it into the public sphere. The developer has withdrawn the app from some regions of the App Store, also for political reasons. Many users have been complaining lately about bugs and poor customer service.

    But, luckily, MobileSheets for iPad is already in release.

    I haven’t listened to the podcast yet. I’m not sure if I will.

  2. jay Gerhard

    I have been teaching classes on forScore since 2017 here in the Villages, FL and it is a truly outstanding application. Thank you Mr. Rothman for giving us this gem.

    1. Philip Rothman

      Thanks, Jay. Glad you enjoyed it!

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