John Hinchey lets the music flow

Scoring Notes
Scoring Notes
John Hinchey lets the music flow

John Hinchey is one of the most experienced arrangers, orchestrators and professional music preparers working today. He’s created thousands of charts and shows for musicians, touring companies, theme parks and everything in between. On this episode, John relays his experience producing shows for cruise ships to Scoring Notes hosts Philip Rothman and David MacDonald. We’re expecting you to learn from John how to prepare your charts so that what you put on the page ensures smooth sailing for the musicians. John also lets it flow with a boatload of tech tips and product recommendations, so you’ll want to come aboard – there’s something for everyone on this friendly shore.

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  1. Bernie Cossentino

    From the 9min mark….oh, how I can relate!

    It’s great to hear this point of view…and all those that followed. Great podcast.

    Thank you gentlemen!

  2. bob zawalich

    Agreed. Totally mind blowing. I would hire John any day!
    I hope cruise ships will sail again!

  3. Lowe

    This was a very helpful podcast, a bit of a surprise as I am far away from his industry — cruise ship shows. But some of us find the film scoring process and tech requirements to be daunting, and it was good to hear from someone who takes a different approach and is wildly successful with it. Great to hear his tips and favorite features. Great interview.

  4. Philip Rothman

    I’m very happy to hear these nice comments. Thanks for listening!

  5. John Hinchey

    Thanks for all of the kind comments!

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