Guitar notation with Doug Gibson

Scoring Notes
Scoring Notes
Guitar notation with Doug Gibson

Doug Gibson joins Philip Rothman and David MacDonald to discuss guitar notation. Doug is a Scoring Notes contributor who has reviewed the guitar features of Sibelius, Dorico and Guitar Pro, and he has a special perspective on this particular aspect of music notation software. As a guitarist, educator, composer, orchestrator, and music preparer, Doug has been on every side of the process of creating guitar music. He shares his process of transcribing and notating music, gives us his opinions on what the various software platforms get right, and tells us his wishes for what could be improved. If you’ve ever wondered what TAB notation really is or how to voice a 13th chord, you’ll get tuned up by hearing what Doug has to say.

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  1. Bob Zawalich

    I was quite honored by the shout out in the podcast for plugins, including the correct pronunciation of my last name! I get to show things like this to my wife.

    Way back in the day when I first was writing plugins, Daniel Spreadbury told me that if I could write a plugin that would help with assigning shortcuts to plugins, which then were only listed by number, I would be the Hero of the Year. So I did that and he asked for something else. Eventually I got up to being the Hero of the Century and we left it there.

    A National Plugin Holiday, though, would really be grand…

    1. Philip Rothman

      I’m in full support of all of these accolades, and more! You have written many more plug-ins than there are days of the year. Think about that for a moment…

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