Getting the notes in

Scoring Notes
Scoring Notes
Getting the notes in

We talk all about that fundamental task that is essential to using music notation software: getting the notes into the program in the first place! There are actually lots of ways in, and it’s worth knowing about them all so that you can use the best method depending on the situation.

If you like to point-and-click your way around a staff, try the keyboard — and we mean both the computer and musical varieties. Step-time? Flexi-time? HyperScribe? Simple? Speedy? Pitch-before-duration? Duration-before pitch? What about importing MIDI and MusicXML files into your score? Even if you think you’ve mastered this basic element of working in notation software, we’re sure you’ll learn something from what we discuss, or at least “take note” of the many ways to fill your page with music.

More on Scoring Notes:


  1. Martín Spangenberg

    Great episode! I’m also a QWERTY guy! xD
    Regarding “cleaning up” the MIDI import file I’m seeing myself working with the native tools Sibelius has, like renotate performance and also with some composition tools like expand if the target is a piano and Sibelius has interpret all in one staff only…

    1. Philip Rothman

      Thanks, Martin! Great tips!

  2. J Adrian Verkouteren

    The one option you did not mention was Scanning software. Certainly that would have lengthened your podcast somewhat, since (like MIDI input) scanned input often requires a lot of cleanup. I dare say it is pretty much the last option I use to input music, and many suggest that re-entering the music in step time is faster.

    Great summary of input methods.

    1. Philip Rothman

      Great points, Adrian. Thank you! You’re right — scanning is another method, although ultimately it comes through MusicXML, which we covered. And, for further listening, you are welcome to check out our podcast episode devoted to that topic, as well as our review of four optical music recognition apps.

  3. Jason Loffredo

    Great episode! Reminds me that I need to spend more time practicing my QWERTY note entry in Simple Entry in Finale! I’m getting too used to having my MIDI keyboard at home and using Speedy Entry.

    1. Philip Rothman

      Thanks, Jason!

  4. Alex

    I noticed that in the “More on Scoring Notes:” section, the last two items have the same link. Is that how it should be?

    1. Philip Rothman

      Well-spotted! It is now fixed.

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