Daniel Ray “muses” about Audacity and StaffPad

Scoring Notes
Scoring Notes
Daniel Ray "muses" about Audacity and StaffPad

Daniel Ray returns to Scoring Notes to talk with Philip Rothman and David MacDonald about Muse Group. Daniel is the head of strategy for Muse Group, the company that originally started with Ultimate Guitar and later acquired MuseScore, the free and open source music notation software. Most recently, Muse Group acquired two more products: the widely-used audio editing software Audacity, and StaffPad, the pen-and-touch tablet-based composition app well-known to many Scoring Notes listeners already.

Daniel talks to us about these recent moves, and what they mean for his company, for users, and for the entire industry. We discuss how software can be free or open-source, and still be part of a viable business strategy for companies like Muse Group, and Daniel shares some plans they have to integrate aspects of its various products into each other in new ways. We also cover StaffPad’s recent announcement about audio staves and transcription, and what the future of that application looks like as part of the Muse Group portfolio.

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  1. Adrien de Croy

    Notion also has dynamics automation in-place on top of the notation.

  2. mirabilos

    So THIS is why that “improved playback” for MuseScore 4 is not going to be Open source. I *KNEW* Daniel was lying on the forum. This proves it.

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