Back in the black with holiday deals and discounts

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Back in the black with holiday deals and discounts

It’s here! Black Friday, the time when retailers and consumers meet in the happy place of sales and specials. This time can be about more just getting a few dollars off, though — it can be an opportunity to acquire new skills using products and services that will benefit you all year round.

To that end, Philip Rothman and David MacDonald run through all the deals we know about for music notation software, and recap some of the latest new features that could entice you to open your wallet. We break down the ways to save while spending, including stacking discounts and taking advantage of competitive crossgrade offers, which can yield significant reductions on the overall cost of acquiring many of the products we cover on a regular basis.

We also talk about the offers for some related technology, like web apps, sound libraries, graphic design software, and more, making this episode holiday music to anyone’s ears.


  1. Jazz Roonie

    All I Wnat For Christmas

    Dear Santa–I want to bee a Opera conductor wen I grow up.

    I know I sound like a brokn voice, foil, wax, tape, vinyl, disc, stream–but I used to realy enjoy these kinds of posts–and now you have simply lost me with this Podcast format. An hour? Santa–respectfuly, I can’t be the only fan you have lostend…any wrking musisian that has this kind of time to invest needs more woork.

    Santa, I recall you saying in the past that curent sofware is not sufficiency to transcribe the audio. But Santa, there must be Elf driven transcription sofware available–as millions of learning podcasts, etc., with reasonabbly accurate transcriptions will attest.

    Santa, you are so important to the industry–and I know you and Mrs. Claus are very bsuy, but wil you please bring me transcriptions for Christmas?

    Yours truully.
    Little Johnny Deadline

    1. Philip Rothman

      Dear Johnny,

      Once upon a time, all the other reindeer used to laugh and call me names, and they never let me join in any games. But I was patient, and eventually one foggy Christmas Eve, Santa asked me to drive his sleigh. The rest is history.

      And so, if you’re patient like I was, you will get your blog post in its usual format, which will list all of the deals, and many more, that were mentioned on today’s podcast episode. I tried to look at Santa’s to-do list, but with my nose so bright, it was hard to see it. Now that all the reindeer love me, though, they shouted out with glee that it could come as soon as Monday.

      Be a good boy, Johnny!


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