Asked and answered, part 1

Scoring Notes
Scoring Notes
Asked and answered, part 1

Listeners responded to our “call for calls” with some terrific questions about music notation software, related technology, the business of music preparation, and more.

On this episode, Philip Rothman and David MacDonald take a variety of questions and dispense solicited (and unsolicited) advice. Among the topics: the best way to switch among different platforms, how to set up condensed scores, what makes a good portfolio, what printer to use and where to get paper, and much more.

The first of a multi-part episode — because we got so many questions that we didn’t have enough time to fit them all into one sitting.

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  1. Jon Arnold

    Thanks to you and your digital self for taking my questions! I appreciated what you said about making a good template and style guide. Regarding the actual merging of material between collaborators’ files, does the best method depend on the program? I used copy/paste in Finale (what my school has) because I didn’t like the end result with the Score Merger.

    Also, luckily our polyphony was in 5 separate staves, not layers/voices. It was a pretty cool project for my students.

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