Sam Butler and Sibelius

We talk with Sam Butler, the senior principal product manager for Sibelius. Sam tells us about how Sibelius updates are released, his favorite new features, the ongoing accessibility initiative with Berklee, and what’s cooking for the future.

Nicholas Buc and film score preparation

Composer, conductor, and arranger Nicholas Buc has seen his share of film scores. We learn about the many ways that music preparation and technology can provide the Midas touch in those high-stakes performances and avoid the phantom menace of notation pitfalls.

Newzik’s Raphaël Schumann

Raphaël Schumann, CEO of Newzik, the music reader for iPad, discusses their approach to digital music reading, cloud sharing, collaboration, licensing and more in light of Newzik’s bright future after raising €3 million in private investment.

Emily Grishman

Emily Grishman, acclaimed Broadway copyist, talks with Philip Rothman. We learn about the world of music theatre copying, the process of getting the music from the composer’s pen to the player’s stands, and the tools Emily uses to achieve superior results.

Dorico and Sibelius updates

A roundup of the latest Dorico and Sibelius updates, as well as an answer to the age-old question: When should you take the plunge and update your software?

Score preparation and production checklist

The essential elements of score preparation and production make a difference in not only the perception of your music, but how it gets rehearsed and, ultimately, performed. Music notation software can achieve great results — but only if you know what you’re looking for in the first place. Philip Rothman and David MacDonald discuss.

Hooked on music notation software

Philip Rothman and David MacDonald officially inaugurate the Scoring Notes podcast and reminisce about how they first got hooked on writing music with notation software and the ever-changing developments in the programs.