World of Goo soundtrack arranged for piano, in Sibelius format


World of Goo is one of the most acclaimed “indie” video games of the last year, with very popular versions for PC, Mac and Nintendo Wii. Imagine my delight when I discovered, by way of PC gaming blog Rock Paper Shotgun, that the complete soundtrack has been arranged by Sebastian “SeaBass” Wolff for solo piano. And Sebastian has put up each little cue in Sibelius 4 format, as well as providing PDF and MIDI versions of each piece.

And here’s a live performance by Sebastian himself:

If you’ve not checked out World of Goo, you should play it. It’s an intriguing physics-based platform puzzler with oodles (or should that be oozles?! No, probably not) of character.


  1. David Harvey

    Glorious! The best music of any game I’ve played in the last few years (with the possible exception of the Portal song, but there again you only get to hear that once…)

  2. Mary Elizabeth

    And much of the original music is available for free download here:

    Thanks for mentioning this – the only game software I’ve been really familiar with up till now has been Halo (via my son ;^)

  3. Sebasitan

    Hey, what an honor to appear here! Thanks for featuring this – the project wouldn’t have been possible without Sibelius! :)

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