Vancouver Symphony Orchestra reads student’s Sibelius score


Young composer Jared Richardson was profiled this past weekend in the Times Colonist newspaper in Canada. Having only started composing a couple of years ago, this 17-year-old high school student has had a piece read by the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra at a free public performance this past Monday.

The piece, Riders of the West, was described by the orchestra’s composer-in-residence, Scott Good, as showing “a lot of ambition.”

And last night, a second work, Double Agent, was performed by the Victoria Symphony Orchestra, the second year running that the orchestra has played a work by this young composer in their New Exploration Workshops series.

And, of course, this talented young musician relies on the world’s best-selling music notation software, Sibelius, to help realise his orchestral ambitions. As Richardson says, though, synthesised playback is no substitute for the sound of a real orchestra.

“It’s amazing to hear it played by real, live musicians who are really good at what they do.”

Read the full profile at the Times Colonist’s web site, or check out Jared’s web site.


  1. Tim

    Duuude. This is so cool. I know Jared IRL, and it’s amazing to see him on the Sibelius website. :D

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