Some tweets about Sibelius


Did you know you can follow me on Twitter? (Admittedly most of my tweets are automatic notifications about new blog posts, but hey.)

Twitter is great. It’s like being at a huge cocktail party, and being able to home in on individual conversations, the same way that pengiuns do (over the Antarctic wastes, rather than at cocktail parties, mind).

Sibelius gets mentioned pretty often on Twitter. Here are a few of my favourite tweets about Sibelius from the past few days:

Compositions: Finale 2009 makes me want to stab myself with pointy knives. Sibelius 5, thank you for not sucking.

shawnrlewis: Pro Tools 8 is going to change my life. Finally built-in score editing and direct export to Sibelius!

aninemaletsky: Students using Sibelius to add simple harmony and drum beats to their nursery rhymes. Cool to see kids excited about music!

ottoman42: @zoecello Finale is a dead end check out Sibelius

Great stuff. I shall make more of an effort to get involved in these conversations on Twitter. Come along and join the cocktail party yourself!

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