Students start music publishing business using Sibelius


A group of students in the Music Business programme at Indiana State University have started a music publishing business to publish a teaching method for five-string banjo by Louie Popejoy, a well-known local musician. They’ve been using Sibelius to create the notation for the book, and were profiled by the local newspaper, the Tribune Star. The article says:

Ever thought about what goes into a piece of sheet music or a book teaching music? A small group of Indiana State University students are experiencing the world of music publishing firsthand.

“Students are jumping into publishing by working with a local artist,” said Ted Piechocinski, director of Indiana State’s music business program. “It’s a terrific opportunity in every aspect and I’m glad we had the funding to get started.”

Since late January, the students have undertaken tasks such as writing, editing and layout of the book. They’ve had to learn new skills along the way, such as how to use software publishing programs. Most importantly, the students have had to draw on what they’ve learned in the classroom.

“Their training comes into play several ways. First and foremost, it bridges the musical training they’ve received with knowledge they’ve gained through business courses,” Piechocinski said. “If they weren’t musicians, this would be difficult. That’s what I find exciting.”

While Dowdle dealt with text, Hinkle and others tackled the music component.

“I’m working on the notation, so I’m trying to figure out noteheads,” said Hinkle, tapping away on a computer.

Meanwhile, freshman Josh Taylor, a music business major from Evansville, is learning how to use Sibelius, a music notation software, and working with tablature.

Sibelius is used by publishers large and small around the world to create everything from exam papers and music teaching books to published scores of the very highest quality. It’s great to see students using Sibelius as part of their studies, learning about the business of publishing music.

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