The story behind Plogue Bidule


I’ve posted before about our good friends at Plogue Art et Technologie in Montreal. They’re the folks behind the audio engine included in Sibelius 5 that helped make it possible for us to implement support for VST and Audio Units instruments and effects. But the project that is perhaps closest to their hearts is Bidule, a unique bit of music software that’s modular in design.

Now Primus Luta has profiled David Viens and Sebastien Beaulieu, the dynamic duo who co-founded Plogue, for Create Digital Music:

“It all started what seems a long time ago,” Sebastien Beaulieu, Plogue co-founder tells me. “David (Viens of Plogue) was coding a few VST plugins to add new toys to Ross Bencina’s AudioMulch. We would meet up one evening a week to code a few cool bits then head up for beer afterwards at the minimal techno pub in Montreal called Bily Kun, where most of the ideas for the future came into place.”

Read the whole profile here.

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