Sibelius featured in “Becoming Charley Chase”

Silent film star Charley Chase
Silent film star Charley Chase

Composer Maurice Saylor of The Snark Ensemble got in touch to let us know that Sibelius is featured in a documentary called The Sounds of Silence, which is a bonus feature included in the four-disc set Becoming Charley Chase, a collection of movies from one of the early Renaissance men of movies, Charley Chase.

Maurice told me:

I thought you might find it of interest that there is a demonstration of Sibelius in The Sounds of Silence, which follows my Snark Ensemble and the creation of the music for the set. We show how Sibelius works and how we use the program’s click-tracks that allow us to record the music efficiently. Keep up the great work!

Charley Chase was a Vaudeville comedy star who moved into acting, then as his career proceeded became both a celebrated comedy screenwriter and also a director. This DVD box set follows his career from his early days through to the 1920s, by which time he was one of the most celebrated stars in the world of films. Find out more about this box set, or read more about The Snark Ensemble, a group that is dedicated to the performance of new music for silent film.

Best of all, you can watch some Charley Chase shorts and hear the new music performed by The Snark Ensemble at their web site. Enjoy!

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