Score for Wesley biopic composed on Sibelius


The forthcoming biopic of John and Charles Wesley from Foundery Pictures, titled simply Wesley, features a score by conductor and composer Bruce Kriesling, composed on Sibelius. Kriesling was profiled by the News & Record newspaper in Greensboro, North Carolina:

Bruce Kiesling has waited months to hear this music live. He had composed it on computer, using sampled sounds of orchestral instruments to simulate the real thing.

“But it doesn’t hold a candle to the beauty, vitality and musicality that live musicians bring to it,” he says.

Now, here he is, on the film scoring stage at the UNC School of the Arts in Winston-Salem, conducting a 34-piece orchestra as it plays his compositions for recording. Movie music — even when it’s big — shouldn’t take viewers out of the story, Kiesling says.

“It should feel like a part of the film,” he says. “It is going to sneak in and help along the pace of a certain scene or the emotion of a certain scene and then fade out so you barely notice.

“Your job is not to write great music,” he says. “Your job is to write a great score for that film. Sometimes you have a chance to do both.”The process begins at Kiesling’s home office, where three computers and a television screen are running at once.

The TV shows the movie “Wesley.”

His laptop runs the Sibelius music notation program in which he composes, edits and prints musical scores.

He imports those files into two computers running Logic Pro, a music sequencing program. Logic uses sampled sounds of orchestral instruments to create a mock-up of the finished score that sounds surprisingly realistic.

The two computers running Logic are connected to the TV. With Logic, he can synchronize the music exactly with the scene that it accompanies.

Using ReWire, composers like Bruce Kriesling can synchronize Sibelius directly to the sequencer, rather than having to export MIDI files from Sibelius into a sequencer in order to sync up to the picture.

Wesley is not yet rated, but if you’re interested to find out more about the movie, you can follow it on Twitter.

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