Sci-fi author Alan Dean Foster “would like to take a year off to master Sibelius”


“Speculative fiction” blog SF Signal recently interviewed New York Times bestselling author Alan Dean Foster (pictured right), author of more than 110 science fiction books. His most recent book is Predators I Have Known, an autobiography. One interesting snippet in the interview is as follows:

CT: Do you plan on writing more nonfiction in the future?

ADF: I’m always writing travel articles, or reviews. As mentioned previously, I would love to do a book on places, or on non-threatening animals. It’s all about time, I suppose. Never enough to do everything. I’d like to take a year off and master Sibelius software.

Of course, you don’t need a year to master Sibelius: you can learn a lot of it in just one hour! To read the whole interview, check out SF Signal.

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