Ricardo Zohn-Muldoon: “Sibelius saved our marriage”

Ricardo Zohn-Muldoon

Mexican-born composer Ricardo Zohn-Muldoon was recently interviewed by Tom Moore of Opera Today. Zohn-Muldoon is Associated Professor of Composition at the Eastman School of Music in Rochester, NY.

The interview is a genuinely interesting and engaging read, describing the composer’s early tuition from his father, his rock band in Guadalajara, his studies with George Crumb, and so on.

But what tickled me most about this interview is Ricardo’s little joke:

I like Sibelius, because once you put it there, any corrections are a piece of cake. My wife gave me an ultimatum a few years ago: “No more parts!” She was helping me with these, and it was getting crazy. She said “That’s it!” So I started using Sibelius. “Sibelius saved our marriage.”

Dynamic parts continue to be one of the best time-saving features we’ve ever added to Sibelius. I wonder how many other marriages they’ve saved over the past five years?

Do check out the whole interview with Ricardo: it’s a great read.

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