Pat Metheny: “Now is the greatest possible time to be a musician–for Sibelius alone!”

Photograph: Eamonn McCabe

The February 2012 issue of International Musician, the magazine of the American Federation of Musicians, features guitarist-composer Pat Metheny on its cover, and an interview in its pages. In the interview, Pat discusses growing up in Kansas, the formative influence of jazz on his music, and how Canadian luthier Linda Manzer, who has built many unique instruments for him over the years, plays an important part in creating his sound. Metheny is also grateful for the role that technology in general, and Sibelius in particular, plays in making his many eclectic projects possible:

Metheny looks forward to the years ahead, as technology allows him to do more and more with his music. “For me good notes are good notes, and coming up with stuff that is really happening is hard, and it has always been hard,” he says, but adds, “We have lived, and are living in, one of the greatest possible times to be a musician–just for Sibelius alone! To me the tools that we have at our disposal make complaining about anything obsolete.”

AFM members can check out the whole interview in the February 2012 issue of International Music magazine.

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