Oscar-nominated movies scored in Sibelius

Last year's Oscars awards ceremony

In the entertainment business of movies, music and TV, the first couple of months of each year are dominated by glitzy awards ceremonies. As the company behind the industry-standard tools for audio production, video editing and music notation, Avid always gets to bask in the reflected glory of plenty of winners at each of the major events – whether it’s the Grammys, the Golden Globes, the BAFTAs or the Academy Awards – for whose projects Avid’s tools play an indispensable role. Sibelius, of course, plays its part, and it’s used for composing, orchestrating or score and parts preparation on hundreds of movies and TV shows every year.

This past year, for example, Sibelius was used in the making of the music for the BBC’s new adaptation of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s iconic fictional detective, Sherlock, composed by David Arnold and Michael Price, and on the BBC’s new adaptation of Richmal Crompton’s classic children’s stories, Just William, with music composed by Oscar-winner Stephen Warbeck.

In Hollywood, Sibelius was used on movies as diverse as Tron: Legacy, with a score by French music duo Daft Punk that fuses their trademark electronic music with a sweeping orchestral score, runaway train thriller Unstoppable, and Boston-based heist drama, The Town, both of which were scored by Harry Gregson-Williams.

In ten days, the 83rd annual Academy Awards will be presented, and at least two of the five nominees for the main music-focused award, Best Music (Original Score), employed Sibelius in their scoring: Christopher Nolan’s remarkable Inception, scored by Hans Zimmer, and How to Train Your Dragon, the wonderful 3D animated film from Dreamworks Animation with music by John Powell.

As the awards season reaches its climax with the forthcoming announcement of this year’s Oscar winners, it’s great to see Sibelius and Avid’s other products helping creative people make movies, music and TV shows for all of us to enjoy.


  1. Nick Edelstein

    Sweet! For some reason I love knowing that Hans Zimmer and his ilk use the same scoring software as I do … as if I needed a reason to continue using Sibelius, hah! ;)

  2. Peter Roos

    Interesting – I’d like to see more information on that, if possible (maybe a ‘making of’ video or something). I am pretty sure Hans Zimmer didn’t use Sibelius (to the best of my knowledged he doesn’t read notes) but there were several orchestrators on Inception, see http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1375666/fullcredits#cast.

    1. Daniel Spreadbury

      Surely you’re not naive enough to think that any Hollywood film composer actually does any of the orchestration or copy work him or herself, Peter…?!

  3. Peter Roos

    No, I know that Daniel, even the great John Williams delivers (very complete) sketches to his orchestrators, the reason being that there is not enough time to write out fully orchestrated cues in the tight deadlines (Ennio Morricone is an exception though as was eg Bernard Herrmann). It would be nice if there were any videos of Sibelius in action on these movies, http://www.scoringsessions.com/ usually is good but I couldn’t find anything related.

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