Killzone 2 soundtrack scored in Sibelius


With video games now as big business as the music and film industries, and the latest computers and consoles accommodating even the highest of production values, it’s no surprise that many video games now have fully-realised soundtracks written by big name composers (e.g. Garry Schyman’s soundtrack for Bioshock, and Michael Giacchino’s soundtracks for the Call of Duty series, to name just two), recorded by big name orchestras.

Below the jump is a 20-minute documentary from that tells the story of how the score for Killzone 2 (one of this year’s biggest titles on Playstation 3) by composer Joris de Man was put together, from the original conception through the MIDI mock-up stage through scoring — using Sibelius, of course — to the recording at Abbey Road and into post-production. It’s a great look inside the process of putting together a complete soundtrack. The video follows the jump. Please note: there is some strong language in this video.

If you want to see Sibelius in action, jump to around 6:19.

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