Hypermusic Prologue revisited


A few months ago I posted a snippet of the manuscript for Hector Parra’s opera, Hypermusic Prologue. Here it is again:

Hypermusic Prologue

Reader Ilja Panzer commented that he would love to see the equivalent passage in Sibelius. Copyist Katherine Anderson was happy to oblige; here it is:

Hypermusic Prologue (Sibelius)

To see the example above at a much larger size, click here.

This kind of complex, contemporary notation is a great advertisement both for the power and flexibility of Sibelius, and also for the skill and talent of engravers like Katherine. Thanks for sharing this with everybody, Katherine!


  1. Peter Roos, San Francisco

    Wow – that looks a 1000% better.

  2. thartist

    i’d really like to listen to that… and get what it sounds like even if it is a string quartet.

  3. mkummer

    If you need a Demo whats possible with Sibelius – look right here: I am impressed.

  4. Wim Hoogewerf

    Congrats again, Kathy!

  5. Marc

    I would love to know which are the fonts used in this score, I guess the music one is Opus but the text one? It’s so elegant…

    1. Daniel Spreadbury

      I’m pretty sure the font family is Minion, which also happens to be the family we use for setting the Sibelius documentation. It is indeed a very elegant font.

  6. Jeremy Hughes

    Actually, I think it’s (the very similar) Adobe Caslon. There are more differences in the italic: compare e.g. the descender of the y. http://new.myfonts.com/fonts/linotype/adobe-caslon/

    1. Daniel Spreadbury

      Right you are, Jeremy. The angle of the italics is the give-away: Caslon it is.

  7. Fuji972

    I was wondering if Katherine Anderson or someone could help please.
    I would like to know how to achieve the work effectively and quickly?
    In others words, how to process in chronological order when you have to copy this kind of complex contemporary notation?
    I’ve just been certified user on Sibelius 7.5
    I’m training myself to become copyist so here are my questions.
    Thanks for all yours replies

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