Howard Goodall: “My two best friends are Sibelius 6 and Pro Tools 8”

Composer Howard Goodall

Russ Hughes of the AIR Users Blog, an excellent blog dedicated to supporting users of the virtual instruments and effects produced by AIR, Avid’s dedicated team of plug-in developers, has posted an interview with composer Howard Goodall.

In the interview, Howard discusses his journey to becoming a well-known composer, his compositional approach, and the kit he uses. He says:

First I switched, in 1994, to Sibelius notation from hand-written manuscripts, then a few years later I took the plunge away from hardware recording on tapes to Pro Tools, via a few happy years with a Yamaha sequencer I took with me everywhere. Actually I have always tried to keep fascination with new gear and new modes of recording under control, so that the composing is allowed to take priority, so I probably got to computers later than most for recording.

When asked what he loves most about Pro Tools, he says:

Intuitive ease of use, visual clarity, flexibility, importing virtually anything, and, crucially since 8, integration with Sibelius, at last, for which many thanks Avid.

The interview as a whole is a great read, and well worth checking out in full.

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