Hornist Marc Papeghin: “Sibelius 6 is just the best”


French horn player Marc Papeghin was interviewed by Bruce Hembd of web site Horn Matters about his working processes. Marc has become something of an Internet sensation among horn enthusiasts thanks to his unusual approach to arranging for his instrument. From his MySpace page:

I am a crazy French Horn player from France who once had this weird idea of playing some progressive metal stuff on the horn.

Marc’s YouTube channel contains a number of medleys of music by Neal Morse, Dream Theater, and John Williams (as embedded above). Bruce asked Marc about the tools he uses, and he says:

I’ve been playing a Holton H179 for a good 10 years now, with a Schilke 30 mouthpiece. I record with a Behringer C-3 microphone via Cubase 5 and use Soundforge 10 to polish the final sound when needed.

For me, Sibelius 6 is just the best music notation software out there.

Check out Marc’s YouTube channel, and read both parts of the interview at Horn Matters.


  1. Peter Roos, San Francisco

    Fantastic video!

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