Hit’n’Mix is making some noise


Martin Dawe is the mastermind behind PhotoScore and AudioScore, the music scanning and audio transcription software used by thousands of Sibelius users around the world. His latest product is called Hit’N’Mix, and it’s designed to break down audio into its component parts so that it can be played with, manipulated and recombined.

This past weekend, Martin was featured on BBC television talking about Hit’N’Mix and its underlying technology, including his new .rip file format, and you can watch the video online embedded above, or here.

How is this relevant to Sibelius users? Well, first of all, it’s cool new music technology, and should be of interest to anybody who works with audio. And second of all, Hit’N’Mix shares a lot of technology with AudioScore Ultimate, so improvements in Hit’N’Mix will lead to improvements in AudioScore down the line.

Hit’N’Mix is going social and has an active following on Facebook and Twitter. You can even download a free version from the Hit’N’Mix web site.


  1. Ziggy

    I think this is a good idea because many people don’t know how to “read” music on staff paper (like I can) but would definitely understand this graphical version of what music is. If any new technology comes along, I applaud it! Anything is NOT wrong, just different. And might be entertaining as well.

  2. Peter Roos, San Francisco

    Very cool!!! This is super for people who may not have formal music training but want to ‘remix’ their favorite music and songs.

  3. Tim Parkin

    I read about this a few ago on the BBC News Website but didn’t realize that the company behind this was also Photscore/Audioscore.

    I too welcome it

  4. neil clifford

    this man is a computer wizard!!

  5. Tim Parkin

    I see that they are now working on version 2 for relaese later in the year, aimed more towards professionals and also to be available to the MAC platform. I will follow with interest
    – – – – – – – – – – – – –
    Hit’n’Mix Ltd is pleased to announce the release of Hit’n’Mix 2 later this year. Aimed more towards professionals than the first groundbreaking release, this promises to offer much improved audio quality. A Mac OS X version is to be released around the same time.

    What’s more, it will be a FREE upgrade to all original Hit’n’Mix version owners.

  6. Laurence Payne

    I’m about to try the demo. I’ll be delighted if it works. Instinct tells me that, like AudioScore (and, to be fair, Melodyne DNA) it will fail dismally on anything other than carefully-selected material. But let’s see!

  7. Laurence Payne

    Continuing to give it a fair trial – I loaded an audio file, a fairly sparse arrangement I recorded in Cubase with piano, bass, drums and voice. H’nM made a very good job of separating the instruments and I could “correct” individual pitches pretty well, though there were noticable “burbling” artifacts. I would love to hear the result of removing an instrument from the mix, but this isn’t available in the demo.

    I found it particularly interesting that this was using a test file which the demo version of AudioScore had been quite unable to decipher.

  8. Laurence Payne

    p.s. the graphic interface is HORRIBLE! And why can’t standard keystrokes be used for Play and Stop?

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