Hector Parra’s Hypermusic Prologue prepared in Sibelius


Hypermusic Prologue

One more story from my friend Wim Hoogewerf for today. He says:

Last sunday I assisted at the first performance of Hector Parra’s Hypermusic Prologue by the Ensemble InterContemporain at the Centre Georges Pompidou in Paris.

A 500-page score, a real engraver’s nightmare (have a look at the picture above!) taken care of by Canadian copyist Katherine Anderson, an extremely advanced Sibelius user. The last four weeks I gave her a helping hand, just as did some other sympathic copyists in Paris and the UK. I have never done complex stuff like this in Sibelius before — but the program never abandoned us.

The picture above is of a page of the composer’s manuscript for this new work, described as A Projective Opera in Seven Planes. The picture is taken from this YouTube video. The Ensemble InterContemporain has a YouTube channel with lots of other videos about this unusual piece, and lots more information is available at their web site (in French; robotic translation here).


  1. Ilja Panzer

    This truly looks like a nightmare (o:
    Would love to see the same section as in the picture set with Sibelius…

  2. katherine anderson

    It’s Katherine Anderson here (the Hypermusic Prologue copyist). Nightmare was about the word for it… but the end result looks wonderful. Many people have asked what software we used and been surprised to hear that it’s Sibelius (“I didn’t know you could do that in Sibelius !!”). But I do almost exclusively contemporary music and I’ve always used Sibelius. Yes, there are things that are difficult to do, but that is true with any software (I admit I am looking forward to some of the Sib. 6 refinements… no more replacing staff lines behind graphics… is it true?!).

    I would be delighted to show you what this section of the score looks like but I’m not sure where to send the file. Daniel?

    Thanks for your interest !



  3. Fuji972

    I was wondering if Katherine Anderson or someone could help please.
    I would like to know how to achieve the work effectively and quickly?
    In others words, how to process in chronological order when you have to copy this kind of complex contemporary notation?
    There a lot information in this score and I don’t know where begin…
    I’ve just been certified user on Sibelius 7.5
    I’m training myself to become copyist so here are my questions.
    Thanks for all yours replies

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