Hear Strictly Composing competition’s winning tango on CD today

Violinist Sian Philipps

In March of last year, I received a letter from a young composer by the name of Julian Pombo, who had won the Strictly Composing competition organised as part of the UK government’s Year Of Music initiative. Julian wrote his winning piece, a tango called Amor Joven, using Sibelius Student, and we were so thrilled with his success that we sent him a copy of Sibelius 6 to help him continue developing his compositional skills.

This week I received another letter from Julian to let me know that his winning tango is to be released on CD, performed by renowned violinist Sian Philipps (pictured) and pianist Sophia Rahman.

To celebrate the launch of the new CD, there’s a live concert featuring the music from the disc taking place at The Forge in London tonight. A handful of tickets are still available at the time of writing, so if you’re free, why not check it out?

Congratulations once more to Julian, and we look forward to hearing more from this young composer in the future.

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