Guitarist Peppino d’Agostino on Sibelius

Guitarist Peppino d'Agostino (courtesy Acoustic Guitar)

The latest edition of Acoustic Guitar magazine features an interview with fingerstyle guitarist Peppino d’Agostino about his approach to composing and the use of percussive techniques on the guitar. He uses Sibelius to transpose his works into new keys and to determine the best fingering for each piece:

How did you use the computer?
D’AGOSTINO: The piece “Barefoot in Rio” was written about ten years ago as a samba. I recorded that on a demo tape with a full band. When it was time to record this new CD, I wanted to transform that into a waltz, and make it a solo guitar piece. I used Sibelius [notation software] and wrote down the piece in the key of G. Then I wanted to make some key changes, and I used the computer to modulate and take the key up or down. So I didn’t have to think—the computer was thinking for me—but filtered by my own taste.

So then you had to work out the fingerings so you could play it?
D’AGOSTINO: Right, but that’s also something the computer can help with.

You can buy d’Agostino’s latest album, Nine White Kites, from his online store, and read the rest of the interview at Acoustic Guitar’s web site.

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