Goldie interviewed about his Proms commission, written in Sibelius


I’ve written before about Goldie’s commission for this year’s BBC Proms series. This weekend he was interviewed in The Observer newspaper about the composition, which he is completing in collaboration with young composer Christopher Mayo. He says:

He has been working with a young composer called Christopher Mayo and is full of admiration – “He’s like a watchmaker who has this hobby of making little carousels that all spin and turn and ballerinas pop out of boxes and woodmakers and cuckoos pop out.”

Mayo’s role is to give him a choice of options – do you want this chord or this one or this? – and then he chooses. “It’s the same as working with an engineer in your normal day to day.” But it has meant Goldie has had to learn to work on a different computer programme – Sibelius – from the ones he is used to: “I think generally the software in the classical world is far behind the electronic world, but Sibelius is the programme the classical world use, so I’ve just swapped one set of tools for another.”

The concert itself is in just two weeks, in Prom 21 on 1 August 2009, and the work was finally completed last Thursday, when Goldie tweeted:

@MRGOLDIE: Straight to the studio , at 9 !! Last day babie !!! Last day !!!! 15 days to go

It certainly appears that Goldie and Christopher Mayo have been burning the midnight oil to get the composition finished on time, and thanks in no small part to Sibelius the composition will get its premiere at the Royal Albert Hall for an audience of thousands in attendance and millions listening on the radio or watching on TV.

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