Get Sibelius training, double sharp!


My friend and former colleague Richard Payne has just launched his new web site, Double Sharp Training, to promote his Sibelius training service. If you’re based in the UK and want to arrange some training on Sibelius, Richard would be an excellent choice.

Richard is also the man behind the Sibelius Essentials tutorial video application for iPhone, which I posted about a few weeks ago.

There are some excellent Sibelius trainers in the UK, US and Australia, but what about other countries? If you know of any other Sibelius trainers, please feel free to leave some information in the comments.


  1. Peter

    I’m italian and a big supporter of Sibelius. I’m trying to convert a lot of people to sibelius XD (guys, I’m doing unpaid promotional job for you! XD) because in Italy there are bad habits with music software, and Sibelius is not well known. I’m not a so so so expert power user, but I help people here trying using sibelius.

  2. Engela

    I am an ex-music teacher based in Cape Town, South Africa, and an ardent user (and fan) of Sibelius (after having used Finale for years). I have trained many music teachers in Sibelius with great success and welcome anyone who has a need to become a (more) fluent exponent of Sibelius, whether you are a beginner or already into it.

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