Celebrating a support success story

The London Eye: it wouldn't stand up without support. (Courtesy Destinys Agent on Flickr)

Mark H. Nichols recently had cause to contact Avid’s Sibelius support staff to help get his wife’s copy of Sibelius back up and running after a system reinstallation. He had such an excellent experience that he felt moved to write about it on his blog. He says:

This morning I tried to install a fresh copy of Sibelius on my computer only to have it not work. The application installed and when started asked for the serial number but then said “your serial number appears to be corrupted”. The message also said to contact Sibelius support.

Some support calls are better than others. Some support calls are supremely frustrating. This support call was fantastic.

After navigating the usual maze of options I ended up talking to a representative called Larry. Larry listened to my situation and asked if I was using Mac OS X 10.7, or Lion. When I said yes he said we could fix my situation in about 5 minutes.

There are a number of dedicated, expert people working in Avid’s support team for Sibelius, with three people in the UK, at least half a dozen in the US, one in Australia and one in Japan. Mark spoke with Larry Lee, who works in our US support team. Mark sums up his experience:

The icing on the cake however, was the follow-up email. Not only does it give me a case number and the option to contact Avid (Sibelius) for more help, it very succinctly and completely recapped the support call I’d just had. Complete with links to articles in their knowledge database for the two steps we’d taken to get me working again. Outstanding. In just a few minutes I went from being frustrated by a dialog message that said to call support to being completely satisfied and then astonished at the level of support.

Avid (Sibelius) has got customer support nailed.

I just wanted to highlight this success story and celebrate the hard work of the people who provide dedicated technical support to Sibelius users all around the world. If you ever have a problem with installation, registration or activation of your copy of Sibelius, you can contact Avid’s technical support team for assistance at no charge: you can either complete an online form, or call the technical support line, choosing the option on the menu for registration support.

You only have to buy an Avid Support Code for support if you are outside the first 90 days since you registered your copy of Sibelius (30 days for Sibelius First) and you require help with using the software (e.g. a question that could potentially be answered by looking in the manual, or asking on the user forum). Avid has also recently updated its online knowledge base, and our support staff add new articles on a weekly basis. It’s definitely worth checking the knowledge base before you call or email support, and it’s also worth asking your question on the user forum (which I personally check two or three times a day, and I’ve answered tens of thousands of questions there over the years).

Thanks to Mark for giving me the opportunity to sing the praises of the Sibelius support team, and thanks to Larry and everybody else on the Sibelius support team for doing such an outstanding job!


  1. mhch

    100% agree, Sibelius support is outstanding … I once experienced a licence problem when upgrading a French version to an English one, before Sibelius was made multi-language. A single email and an new key was sent to me in a very short amount of time.

    Some other major companies (no name here) just give you an automatically generated request number and then you wait for weeks …

  2. Peter Roos

    Avid support is very good indeed. I’ve haven’t had to contact them for Sibelius yet, but recently I had issues downloading the upgrade from Pro Tools 9 to 10, and then a little later, getting it properly installed. Both times I got excellent help over the phone, free of charge, using my free support ticket the second time. The tech logged into my computer, optimized it for the Pro Tools, uninstalled / reinstalled the program, got rid of unnecessary stuff, and a little less than an hour later I was up and running. ;-)

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