Avatar composer James Horner: “Without Sibelius, we’d be lost”


Check out this fantastic video taking you behind the scenes on the scoring and sound design of James Cameron’s Oscar-winning blockbuster, Avatar, which became the highest-grossing movie in history in an astonishing 20 days. And if you are one of the millions of people around the world who has seen the film, you will have been immersed not only in the astounding 3D visuals, but also in the extraordinary music and sound design.

It will surely come as no surprise to learn that Avid’s broad range of products played a vital role in Avatar‘s production, and the video above shows you how Sibelius and Pro Tools were used to create the ethnic-fused score and alien sound world of the planet Pandora.

Composer James Horner says:

To keep track of what I’m doing now transparently, instead of using just pen and paper, I’m using Sibelius, writing in ways that are not conventional ways of writing: I mean, without it, we’d be lost. And Pro Tools is just such a wonderful enabler: it’s like a library, a writer, a recorder, an everything tool.

Watch the complete video above, or in glorious HD.


  1. PeterRoos, San Francisco

    Totally cool!!

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