Weekend poll: printer preferences

An ancient dot matrix printer (courtesy PanelSwitchMan on Flickr)

Here’s another little question for you to answer over the weekend: what kind of printer do you use with Sibelius?

Most of the work I do in Sibelius for my own use is adapting and arranging choral music for my choir. As such, I have a large format laser printer with an automatic duplexer at home so that I can print A3 booklets. I use a Windows utility called FinePrint to help make booklet printing as quick and simple as possible.

I’m curious as to what kinds of printers Sibelius users have. Do you have a large format laser or inkjet printer? Are you a heavy user of your printer, or do you print infrequently? Do you have any tips about how to work most effectively with printing from Sibelius? Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. Charlie Lee

    I still run Sibelius 3.?.1. with an inkjet printer and have always had the problem of the lines of the stave printing out very weak ( barely discernable) and repeat signs coming out as just 2 lines without being filled in with black. (i.e. :❘❘ )
    Any suggestions?

    1. Daniel Spreadbury

      Go to File > Print, then choose the Sibelius page from the drop-down menu. Click Print Settings, then switch on the Substitute resolution checkbox and set it to 300.

      This occurs because of changes Apple made in the printing APIs in Mac OS X (10.3? I can’t remember back that far!), and is fixed in future versions of Sibelius. Maybe it’s time for you to upgrade?

  2. Laurence Payne

    As well as the mechanical type of printer, it would be perhaps more interesting to know how many of us used a format larger than A4 (or the US equivalent).

    My printer has a duplex function. but I never use it with Sibelius.

  3. Peter Roos, San Francisco

    I don’t usually print out scores, but if I do, I use a Brother printer loaded with letter sized paper (that is about the size of European A4). It can handle other sizes, too, but nothing as large as tabloid or A3 as far as I know. Not sure whether it can handle duplex printing (probably yes but I haven’t tried it).

    If I need anything printed on large paper sizes like tabloid, I take it to the Officemax (conveniently located right next to my apartment ;-).

  4. Norman Muncey

    I used to use a large A3 printer called a canon irc 2620n which I bought from E-Bay. Then I jumped from PC to Mac and found that this printer was not fully supported by OS 10x. So I loaded boot camp on Mac and printed from that which was not very satisfactory. I used to print large orchestral scores on A3. with all the trouble with printer I have just decided to make a folder of each players part that we have in our repertoire. This is a huge job. I have just sold the huge Canon printer and bought a Lexmark X544 which prints duplex colour, laser,scans, copies and makes the tea! I use fine print so I have to print from my old PC as Fine Print is not supported by Mac. This then ends all my woes on printing sorry if it was boring.

  5. umroh murah

    I prefer Laser printer :D

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