Video games: the fresh musical frontier


Most of my youth was (mis)spent playing video games on a series of home computers, and even though I am now in my thirties, I still have a keen interest in video games and play as often as I can. I was interested to read an article in The Seattle Times about TV and film composers making moves into video game music. I was struck in particular by one comment from composer Garry Schyman:

“Film music can be very soft and ambient,” he said. “But game developers want strong musical statements. So from a creative standpoint, games are a great place to be right now.”

Early in my time at Sibelius, we had a monthly web magazine on our web site called Siblings (believe it or not, that rather cheesy name was come up with by one of our users in a competition), and I was involved in putting it together every month. One of the features I was most pleased with was a series of three articles written by video game developer and composer Andrea Pessino, then working at Blizzard Entertainment and now co-founder of Ready At Dawn Studios, about how he used Sibelius to score Blizzard’s current projects. Unfortunately, Siblings is no longer linked to from the Sibelius web site, but over the next three days, I’ll republish Andrea’s articles here on the blog.

Obviously a lot has changed since late 2000, when Andrea wrote these articles, but I think they are still interesting today. Hopefully you’ll agree!

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