The engraver’s lament

The engraver, admiring the ideal

Thanks to the funds or ticking clock,
Appears some music freely mocked.
It could be for a late-night session,
Or just some ’poser’s trite digression.
If that should pass, please be aware,
They didn’t have a dime to spare;
And while you might exclaim, “Sweet Jesus” —
Engraving flaws you deem egregious;
Elaine Gould‘s rules gone astray,
No extra time, no second day
To right the wrongs in this notesetting
(When judging it, if you were betting
On sending to the Hall of Shame,
Remember two can play that game).
Sometimes the score will turn out rough;
So just accept “it’s good enough.”


  1. Douglas Gibson

    What a great poem!

    We just need some Dr. Seuss style cartoons to go along.

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