Thank you, Daniel — and what’s next for the blog


It’s impossible to overstate how much Daniel Spreadbury has meant to anyone who uses Sibelius. From the occasional newbie to the most experienced pro seeking advice, Daniel has tirelessly offered his help, expertise, and good humor.

So many times we have seen a Sibelius user, stressed out and under a deadline, post a frantic message to the Sibelius chat page, Facebook, Twitter, this blog, or any one of the numerous places online where Daniel was present, and receive a thoughtful and detailed reply from Daniel, with numerous follow-throughs until the problem was resolved.

From the thousands and thousands of people who rely on Sibelius, whether for their living, for their education, or for the pure pleasure of creating music, we owe Daniel Spreadbury an incalculable debt of gratitude.

This blog is a manifestation of Daniel’s passion for the Sibelius program, and moreover, his tireless efforts to help its users. He created it as a way to provide insights into Sibelius from his own unique perspective, in a variety of contexts. Daniel is moving on to bigger and brighter things, but the spirit of the blog will remain, and I am honored that Daniel has entrusted me to maintain it.

A brief self-introduction: I’m a composer, orchestrator and music preparer based in New York City. I run a music preparation service where we regularly use Sibelius as well as Finale, Logic, and other software. We also teach Sibelius to hundreds of musicians personally through our Sibelius training seminars and reach thousands more online through our free video tutorials, both of which Daniel has generously promoted in this space. I’m not affiliated with Avid or another other company.

I cannot begin to fill Daniel’s oversize shoes, and I won’t even try. Daniel worked for Sibelius (later Avid) for 13 years and has an encyclopedic understanding of the program that is impossible to replicate. Nor can I provide technical support through this blog; that can be done through searching the Sibelius knowledge base, participating on the chat page, or contacting technical support directly.

What I can do is provide an independent place where Sibelius users can continue to learn about things that enhance their knowledge of the program. The customary tips, tricks, plug-ins, and other items that improve workflow will continue to be part of the usual diet, as well as stories about projects that use Sibelius in an interesting way. I will also post useful tutorials, publications and workshop announcements. (To that end, see this post about the upcoming sessions hosted by Engela Fullard in South Africa.)

Announcements, suggestions and proposals for guest blog posts are welcome: just drop me a line at

I look forward to keeping the blog as a useful resource for the Sibelius community. And to Daniel: Thank you for everything you have done for Sibelius users everywhere. Best of luck for the road ahead. You will be missed!


  1. Mimi Mansky

    Now that Sibelius and Avid have parted ways, let’s get rid of the pricey Access Support Code (ASC)!

    1. Philip Rothman

      Just to clarify, Sibelius is still a part of Avid.

      I am not affiliated with Avid in any way, so I cannot speak to their tech support policy. I am simply assuming stewardship of the blog, which is an independent venture.

  2. Laurence Payne

    Mimi, I’m afraid Daniel leaving is all *BECAUSE* Sibelius is owned by Avid.

    1. Mimi Mansky


      Let’s hope that Avid doesn’t cause any problems for Philip Rothman and Bobby Lombardi.

  3. Engela

    I am sure that Philip is going to do a great job with the blog, as he is experienced, enthusiastic and a professional.

  4. Peter Roos

    Thanks for taking over Daniel’s blog, Philip. I look forward to reading your posts.

  5. Michael Alexander

    Thank you Daniel for all your help, you make Sibelius a pleasure to used by solving issues professionally and friendly. I wish you all the best for the future.

  6. Mike Hughes-Chamberlain

    “Just to clarify, Sibelius is still a part of Avid.”

    I think the word “unfortunately” was missing from that sentence.

  7. Jorge Grundman

    Welcome Philip and many thanks for keeping live this blog for all Sibelius users. I know it will be very difficult not miss Daniel but the fact that you wish to continue his work make all Sibelius users more strong.

    Greetings from Madrid

  8. Kevin Riley

    Thanks to Daniel for his great work. You have some large shoes to fill!

    if you fancy exchanging views, music etc

  9. Laurence Payne

    Perhaps we could get rid of the “Avid Purple” page background to this blog?

    1. Mimi Mansky

      It would be nice to be rid of the Big Purple “A” altogether!

    2. Mimi Mansky

      We should make sure that Sibelius continues for a very long time.

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