“Sibelius leads from the front”


Composer Kampadi Okpa has written a head-to-head comparison of Finale and Sibelius for the web site It’s a pretty detailed write-up, breaking down his impressions of both applications into a number of categories, including logic, flexibility, multimedia integration, ability as a creative aid, and customer service and support.

Sibelius comes out on top in every category, and Kampadi summarises: recommends Sibelius as the program most likely to find satisfaction with the widest range of users and the program most likely to get the quickest results.

Check out the full write-up here. If you’re currently thinking about making the switch to Sibelius from another notation program, there’s never been a better time to do so.


  1. Christian (Pianist from Austria)

    I just switched from Finale to Sibelius and definitely do not regret it! I can finally concentrate on making music which is my intention – I don’t want to be a programmer

  2. Peter Roos, San Francisco

    Cool – one comment about the review: “Finale, on the other hand, has a very handy ‘Fit Music’ feature that allows you to select a portion of the score and, at the click of a mouse, alter the tempo to fit the extract of film you are interested in: an effective tool that could, potentially, save hours of fiddly work trying to get the synchronisation just right.”

    There is a “Fit Selection to Time” plugin in Sibelius that seems to do the same thing, including the ability to fit music to hitpoints (I am 100% sure since I don’t have Finale but it seems to be very similar).

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