Sibelius “has a positive impact on exam results”


Today’s Independent newspaper here in the UK has an article on the positive impact technology has had on music teaching. It talks about a variety of music software, but Sibelius gets a great endorsement:

Crawshaw students also use the near-ubiquitous Sibelius notation software package, which [music teacher Adrian] Knowles says has had a positive impact on GCSE results by improving students’ composition and score-writing skills. Indeed, Sibelius is popular across the secondary sector (it is used by over 75 per cent of UK secondary schools), opening up the world of composition to students who may have limited or no notation skills.

ICT expert Juliet Joy of RM, the leading technology supplier to schools, says Sibelius is like the Microsoft Word of the music world.

The range of primary music software developed by the team at Sibelius, Groovy Music, is also mentioned in the article:

Sibelius Software also produces a range of software packages for primaries – Groovy Shapes (ages 5 to 7), Groovy Jungle (7-9) and Groovy City (9-11). These animated music programs look more like computer games than the music sequencers and editors they really are, enabling children to explore musical sounds and rhythms, and create their own original music…

“Learning notation can put off a lot of children from getting into music, particularly composition,” says Roger Broadie of Frog, the learning platform supplier. “These software packages make composition much more accessible. It keeps their enthusiasm for creativity going until their skills level catches up.”

(A special version of Groovy Music City for kids to use at home is now available for purchase online.)

It’s an exciting time to be a music student, with so many great and engaging ways to learn about theory, creativity, listening and performance.

If you’re looking for tips about how to use Sibelius in the classroom, check out this earlier post.

Read the whole Independent article here.

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