Poll: What operating system do you use for Sibelius?

The blue chunk is Mac, the green chunk is Windows

A week ago, web analytics firm Net Marketshare released their latest monthly report on browser and operating system market share. Looking across the whole of the web, Windows users make up 89% of all web users, while Mac OS X users represent nearly 6%, iOS devices (iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad) represent 2%, and then you get down to the real also-rans (who’s still using WebTV?!).

Okay, so that’s across the web as a whole. But what about Sibelius users? In the past 30 days, 56% of visitors to this blog were using Macs, and 39% were using Windows. Around 3% were visiting from an iOS device, and a further smattering came from Android, Symbian and BlackBerry devices.

Of the 56% of Mac-using visitors, around 86% were running Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard on Intel Macs, 11% were running Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard on Intel Macs, and the remainder were running Mac OS X 10.5 or earlier on Macs with PowerPC processors.

Of the 39% of Windows-using visitors, 46% were running Windows 7, 38% were running Windows XP (still!), and 15% were running Windows Vista. The remaining 1% were running various older versions of Windows (one poor soul was actually running Windows ME).

So this got me to thinking: on what operating system(s) do you run Sibelius? Leave your answer in the poll below. It will be interesting to see how the proportion of people responding to the poll match up to the profile of people who visit the web site overall.

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  1. Julie Bernstein

    I may skew your results as I have a Mac but I use Linux (running under Parallels) to browse the web.

    1. Daniel Spreadbury

      There’s always one, Julie!

  2. Janie McCue Lynch

    I have one copy on my PC (Win 7) and the other on my Mac (10.6.7) – it’s all good!

  3. Peter Roos

    It’s interesting to see that a majority of users is on mac. My primary system is windows vista 64 bit (soon to be upgraded to windows 7), at the Academy of Art U. it’s all imacs that run on Snow Leopard. Wherever a score is created though, they are always fully compatible on mac / PC (which is more than I can say of some software programs).

  4. Steve W

    Speaking of iOS does Sibelius have plans for versions of Sibelius and Scorch that run on iPad and/or iPhone? I think there’s a lot of potential there. Would love to have a little app that would allow me to jot down musical ideas when I’m away from my workstation then upload to Sibelius later…

  5. Mike Philcox

    The present poll does not provide a choice for Sibelius users employing Mac OS 10.5 Leopard on Intel Macs. This was the second-largest group of Mac users on the initial poll.

    1. Daniel Spreadbury

      Right you are, Mike. Oops! I assume that Leopard/Intel folks have landed in the Snow Leopard/Intel camp.

  6. Ian Pegler

    I have an old PC running Windows XP. Will probably upgrade to Windows 7 when I get my next PC.

  7. Tony Ward

    Hear, hear, Steve W! I’ve been screaming at MakeMusic for a jot app for a long time. Now that I’ve made the switch to Sibelius, maybe they’ll hear me! Imagine a “Sibelius Light,” or “Sibelius Motive” on an iPad… what a boon that would be for musicians. Have your charts all right there, editable on your iPad? Be able to sit at a hotel piano and scratch out an idea? YES, please!

  8. john blyth

    A Sibelius-compatible app that allows you to sketch basic musical ideas – preferably with a stylus – on an iPad, would be enough to get me to buy an iPad! How sweet would that be?

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