Eric Whitacre writes with Sibelius 6, shares his experiences


Eric Whitacre

American composer Eric Whitacre has thoroughly embraced social media and regularly engages in lively discussion with his many fans through his blog, Soaring Leap. He’s about to begin an experiment that will be very interesting to follow as it develops. Last year, Eric gave the following advice to emerging composers to avoid using notation software. He said:

When it comes to the actual notation, though, I try to stay away from the computer. As I said before I really don’t think there is a correct way to do it, but for a beginning composer I think the computer can be a real trap.

My own feeling is that software like Sibelius can be as much of a help as it might be a hindrance:

Notation software, like a word processor, or a typewriter, or a carpenter’s plane, is merely a tool. A tool in the hands of an experienced craftsman can be used well, and it can also be used cack-handedly by somebody who lacks the necessary skills.

Eric got in touch with us and requested that we send him a copy of Sibelius so that he could write a piece in it and share his experiences. We were happy to oblige, and Eric will be sharing his experiences on his blog:

So I’m going to give it a whirl, and I will truly try to keep an open mind. I may be asking some of you for tech advice, but I’m hoping that it’s going to be as intuitive as everyone says it is. If you’re a Sibelius user, please write about your experiences in the comment section (good or bad).

Very excited to try something new.

I’m certainly looking forward to hearing how Eric gets on.


  1. Peter Roos, San Francisco

    That sould be interesting – after two days he’ll keep the copy and never look back! ;-)

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