Classroom Music sends Sibelius 6 to the top of the class


The Autumn Term issue of Classroom Music magazine — which provides specialist secondary music teachers with resources, schemes of work and advice on classroom issues and professional development — features a review of Sibelius 6, and reviewer Tony Cliff sends the new version right to the top of the class, awarding it a perfect score of 5 stars. He says:

Magnetic Layout is a wonderful and ground-breaking feature representing a huge time-saver to anyone producing complex scores… [it] moves this process to an entirely new level of sophistication.

This is a remarkable achievement and this feature alone makes the upgrade an absolute must for any composer, arranger or copyist.

Tony is also very complimentary about the new Sibelius Player and the updated Sibelius Sounds Essentials library, which he says “present an outstanding playback quality for all styles of music”, and praises the ease of adjusting playback in the Mixer and creating audio files, calling it “a very simple and quick process.”

The features targeted particularly towards classroom use of the software all come in for praise, including Versions (“a wonderful feature for educational composition work”), Comments (“small but very useful”), and Classroom Control (“ensures that you are in control and can see that students are working as they should be”).

Tony summarises thusly:

Overall, Sibelius 6 is an outstanding new version and you are recommended to download a demo edition or see more details at

The Autumn Term issue of Classroom Music is available now.

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