Winter workshops in Washington state

Mike Klinger's retreat in Carson, WA

Mike Klinger, the founder and proprietor of the Synthesis MIDI Workshop in Portland, Oregon, has been teaching music technology and helping educators and institutions make the most of music technology for more than 40 years. Ten years ago, he fulfilled a life-long dream to have a dedicated facility in which to teach and exhibit best practices by building the Mike Klinger Music Technology Retreat in Carson, Washington, around 50 miles east of Portland. Now Mike runs winter and summer courses in his retreat, which includes a state-of-the-art 12-station computer lab for hands-on tuition.

This coming February, Mike will be running courses at the retreat covering both Sibelius 7 and Pro Tools 10, and he’ll also be running online courses in teaching music composition using technology and digital audio recording, which also employ Sibelius and Pro Tools respectively. He told me:

I just finished teaching a newly-designed Pro Tools course as an online Masters’ Class for Purdue University. It went as smooth as silk, and got great reviews. I have also designed a new course for music teachers called Teaching Music Composition Using Technology, for which I use Sibelius. I have found that most music teachers don’t know how to teach composition and so I have designed this course to not only teach them how to teach composition but also how to incorporate Sibelius as the tool to do that with; use of the Ideas Hub is paramount.

For more information about Mike, The Synthesis MIDI Workshop, and his forthcoming Sibelius and Pro Tools courses, check out his web site.

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