Where to find your favorite people and products at Musikmesse 2017


The 2017 Frankfurt Music Fair, or Musikmesse, opens today and runs through Saturday, April 8. With events, exhibitions, demonstrations, and more, this international festival brings together a variety of players in the worlds of musical instruments, sheet music, music production and marketing.

I won’t be attendance, but plenty of good friends and colleagues will be there, so if you plan on visiting, here’s where to find the people and products from the world of music notation software, as provided by representatives from each respective company.

If you’re not on this list but are exhibiting music notation software at Musikmesse, please contact me and provide details of who will be in attendance, your booth or stand location and hours, products you’re exhibiting, the times and dates of any demos you are giving, and any other relevant information that you think readers of this blog would find useful. I’ll do my best to update this post in a timely manner.

And if you’re attending, please leave a comment and let us know how it goes.

Enjoy Musikmesse!


From Daniel Spreadbury, Steinberg’s product marketing manager:

Dorico will indeed be on show at Musikmesse, along with Steinberg’s other software and hardware products. Our products can be found in the Yamaha hall, which is called Portalhaus and is next to Hall 11. Yamaha’s other brands, Bösendorfer and Line 6, will also be exhibiting their wares inside the Portalhaus.

There will be four stations set up with a full range of Steinberg software installed, so whether you’re interested in Cubase, our Absolute VST Collection, or indeed Dorico, you’ll be able to get hands-on with our products and speak to Steinberg staff, who will be on hand to answer questions. There are only a couple of Steinberg presentations on the main presentation stage in the Portalhaus – basically I think an artist interview every day. There’s no regular schedule of product presentations or demos. We will be using Instagram and Facebook to share images from the show, and I believe the artist interviews will be live streamed on Facebook Live, so “like” the Steinberg page to be kept up-to-date.

I will also be in Frankfurt on Thursday afternoon and all day Friday, though my schedule is pretty packed on Thursday afternoon and of course Friday afternoon is the W3C Music Notation CG meeting, but if anybody wants to try and grab me, they might be able to find me on Friday morning, unless my schedule gets totally filled up.


From Sonia Bertek, MakeMusic’s vice president for marketing:

Gear Fisher (CEO), Keith Watson (COO), Jeremy Duerksen (CMO), Stephen Hancock (VP of Sales), Heath Mathews (VP of Licensing), Greg Dell’Era (Director of Technology Implementation), and Michael Good (VP of MusicXML Technologies) will be attending.

There’s no booth specifically for MakeMusic but there is an Alfred booth where I’m sure some folks will be from time to time. It’s in Hall 8.0, Booth A50/52.

Since we rely on our wonderful partnerships with Alfred and other international dealers to distribute Finale we haven’t exhibited there for some time. It really is a place for us to meet with our partners, discuss future plans for the product and make sure we answer any questions they have for us.


From Thomas Bonte, co-founder and CEO:

Peter Jonas and I will be at the Musikmesse, attending and recording the MusicXML gathering.

Frankfurt is just one stop in our journey as we travel further to Salzburg to attend Classical Musick Hack Day and the Karajan Music Tech Conference. Anyone who would like to meet with us at the Messe to talk about MuseScore or OpenScore can drop an e-mail.


From Sam Butler, senior product manager:

Many companies aren’t exhibiting this year due to the change in format, so we’re following suit by being a guest of Studioszene, which is hosted by Musikmedia/Sound & Recording Magazine in Hall 9 at Booth C42.

I’ll be there, along with several other folks from Avid, showing off the latest versions of Sibelius and Pro Tools and our range of studio hardware. More details can be found on our blog.

For those interested in our live consoles and larger hardware, they can find us at the Prolight + Sound show, which runs concurrently (and next door to the Musikmesse as it happens). We’re in Hall 3.1 Booth G85. Details of what we’re showing are on our blog.

Once again, I’ll be hosting a meeting of Sibelius and Pro Tools resellers and distributors. It’s an annual event where we’ll be giving an overview of 2016 and what we’re looking forward to in 2017. I’ll also be scouring the halls for new and interesting technology and am looking forward to seeing many new and some familiar faces. I’ll be at the MusicXML conference on Friday afternoon too and people can get in touch via email or on Twitter @avid_sam if they’d like to meet up.

Messe is a great show and I’m looking forward to seeing what’s in store.


From Gene Ragan, founder:

Matthew Briggs (head of product engineering) and Lindsey Boggio (software engineer) will be at MusikMesse. We did a small Facebook post about it.

Komp is at Hall 9 Level 0 Booth G30. The booth should be open most of the time from 10 am – 6 pm from Wednesday through Friday and 10 am – 3 pm on Saturday. There are no formal demo times.


From Adrian Holovaty, founder:

Soundslice will not have a booth at Musikmesse, but I will be roaming around the convention. I’m actively looking to meet with customers, partners and whoever else might be interested in talking. The best way to get in touch is via e-mail.


From Christof Schardt, company owner:

Columbus Soft is not exhibiting this year since all forces are concentrated in getting the PriMus 2.0 release done, but we will attend the show and especially take part in the W3C Music Notation meeting on Friday.

Any customer or potential partner who wants to meet Christof Schardt may contact him by e-mail.

MusicXML Community Group meeting

From Michael Good, co-chair:

This year’s face-to-face meeting for the W3C Music Notation Community Group will once again take place at the Musikmesse fair in Frankfurt. These meetings are always a highlight of our year as we usually have 40 to 50 music notation experts participating in the meeting and discussions.

This year’s meeting will be held on Friday, April 7 from 2:30 pm to 5:30 pm at the Logos/Genius conference room in Hall 9.1. This is the same location as last year’s meeting. As in our past meetings, we plan to have a 2-hour meeting followed by a 1-hour reception sponsored by Steinberg.

Our proposed agenda has two main topics: the status of MusicXML 3.1, and discussion of some possible next steps forward with MNX.

Please sign up on our Google form if you plan to attend the meeting. This will help ensure that we have enough room and refreshments for everyone.

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