Use your Android smartphone as a remote control for Sibelius

An Android, yesterday. (Courtesy Saad Irfan on Flickr)

I’ve posted before about using your iPhone as an external numeric keypad for Sibelius, with apps like NumPad and NumberKey providing an on-screen representation of the keypad, even making the display look just like Sibelius’s Keypad window. And there’s Tobias Escher’s excellent Sibelius Control iPad control surface too. But no love for users of Android devices… until now!

Sibelius user and software developer Mark Rosenberg has recently released a free application called Remote Control for Sibelius, which is available from the Android Market. Mark describes the app thusly:

Remote Control for Sibelius turns your Android device into a Sibelius-aware touchscreen keypad. Works with any version of the popular music notation and composition program Sibelius. No more keypad memorization. No need to clutter your PC display with the Sibelius virtual keypad. What you touch is what you get.

Requires a compatible VNC server on the computer running Sibelius such as UltraVNC (Windows), or OS X Screen Sharing (pre-Lion Macs). No known compatible VNC servers for OS X Lion at this time.

Mark hopes to be able to add support for computers running Mac OS X 10.7 Lion in due course. For now, check out the app on the Android Market and let me know how you find it!


  1. Neil Sands

    Excellent. I’ll give this a go. I have TightVNC on the computer concerned, which I presume will do the job. Many thanks to Mark Rosenberg.

  2. Bryan

    Works like a charm. Would be nice to have the option to leave the screen on as long as the app is open. Other than that, this is certainly welcome for us Android users!

  3. Jim Druckenmiller

    I hope that this is also the springboard for Avid/Sibelius to port it’s own iPad app over to the Android market as well.

    1. Daniel Spreadbury

      Actually, this app has no connection to Avid whatsoever, and shouldn’t be taken as any kind of indication of our intention or lack thereof to do any Android development, now or in the future. It’s just a cool app contributed by a Sibelius user in the hopes others will find it useful.

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